The Pinnacles

The Nambung National Park contains one of Australia`s most fascinating landscapes, The Pinnacles desert.

Out of the shifting sands rise thousands of huge limestone pillars standing in stark contrast to the surrounding Kwongan heathlands.

This near 20,000-hectare National Park also features coastal dune systems, isolated pristine beaches, and stunning seasonal wildflower blooms.

Most animals in the park are nocturnal but during the day, you may see kangaroos, emus and reptiles.

The Park entry is located 10 kilometres south of Cervantes and contains a 4 kilometre drive trail, a 1.2 kilometre walk path and an interpretive/discovery centre displaying information about the unique geological formations and history of the region.

The Pinnacles is open 24 hours and offers stunning stargazing and uninterrupted views of the night sky, sunsets and sunrises.