Walk trails

Walk Trails

Turquoise Way Path

Follow the Turquoise Way Path, a 14.2 kilometre fully sealed track stretching along the Jurien Bay marine Park coast from the Jurien Bay Marina to the mouth of the Hill River.

The path is suitable for all non-motorised transport options including prams, scooters, running, walking, and skating.

Lesueur National Park

The Yued Ponar walk trail is a 6 kilometre unsealed loop for experienced bushwalkers.  There are some difficult sections and natural hazards including long steep climbs, seasonal water crossings and some unstable surfaces.  A good level of fitness is recommended

The Lesueur walk trail begins at the Drummonds recreation area car park.  The first 250 metres of the trail is sealed and suitable for prams and wheelchairs up to the Wilson lookout.

The remaining 4 kilometres is sandy and leads towards the Mesa that is Mt Lesueur.  The initial sections are flat terrain but eventually climbs up the slope via switchbacks.  The summit provides spectacular views towards the coast and easter sections of the National Park

Lake Thetis

The lake Thetis loop trail is an easy 1.5-kilometre walk around the shores of Lake Thetis near Cervantes.

Lake Thetis is one of the few places in the world with living marine Stromatolites and Thrombolites (living fossils)

The trail circumnavigates the lake and passes by the Stromatolites via a raised walkway.

Emu walk trail

Located in the Nambung National Park (The Pinnacles), the walk trail begins at the Pinnacles Interpretive Centre and meanders 1.2 kilometres through the shifting yellow sands and towering limestone pillars that the park is famous for.  The first 200 metres of the trail are wheelchair and pram friendly.

Vern Westbrook Walk

Is a great place to explore the seasonal showcase of wildflowers, local history of Badgingarra and quirky community arts.  Located 3.5km from Badgingarra on North West Road in Phoebes Reserve, there are 3 walks in total ranging from easy to a moderate 800m breakaway climb with sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.  Although best walked in peak wildflower season from August through to the end of September, it is stunning at any time of year.

Badgingarra Art Trail

Is a walk / cycle / art trail that starts opposite the Badgingarra Community Centre on the corner of North West Road and Brand Highway – park in the golf course carpark.  This walk/cycle art trail is 4.2 km long which allows you to traverse the local cemetery, before cutting through the golf course (so watch out for players and balls) stopping along the way to see art sculptures created by artist Natalie Tonkin and the local community.  The plinth sculptures are a combination of metal, timber and clay, designed by hand to represent the Badgingarra community in all its diversity.  The trail meets up with the Vern Westbrook Walk carpark so walkers can choose to extend their walk to include the Vern Westbrook Walk, or return along the same trail back to the golf club.

Iain Wilson Nature Trail

Begins west of Brand Highway near the Badgingarra Roadhouse.  The walk trail was formerly known as the Badgingarra Nature Trail but has been renamed in memory of local pioneer farmer and land carer Iain Wilson. The walk is part of the Badgingarra National Park and is 2km long.  For the keen walker, a 1.5km detour will reward you with magnificent views across the national park from the lookout.  The trail crosses fairly rugged countryside and includes numerous steep hills. Appropriate supportive footwear is strongly recommended. The best time to see the wildflowers is between August and November but the park is open and accessible all year round.

Three Bays Walkway

Links South Bay, Dynamite Bay and Anchorage Bay, which surround the township of Green Head.  The 2.5km coastal walk encompasses scenic lookouts, interpretive signs, seating, toilet facilities with a mix of sealed and gravel paths.  The walks are suitable for wheelchairs and prams and take in the spectacular views over the bays.  Picnic facilities and wind shelters are available at Dynamite Bay.