Amazing stargazing experiences await your visit to the Turquoise Coast.

With our dark skies and small towns, there are many locations to choose from where our iconic landscapes offer views of the stars and Milky Way providing unique experiences.

Regular stargazing events and guided tours are on offer (check our events page for updates), or you can simply take advantage of easy access to your own personal stargazing event and location.

Suggested locations

The Pinnacles and Nambung National Park offer a stunning backdrop just a short 15-kilometre drive south of Cervantes (open 24 hours, park entry fees required).

Lake Thetis in Cervantes offers a backdrop of stromatolites, thrombolites and shimmering lake waters for reflections (open 24 hours, no entry fee).

Grigsons Lookout, north of Jurien Bay off Indian Ocean Drive, overlooks pristine salt lakes for starry reflections across the lakes and the backdrop of Mt Lesueur (open 24 hours, no entry fee).

Karda Reserve Campground, east of Jurien Bay on Banovich Road offers comfortable camping amenities onsite and brilliant night skies (camp bookings required via Parkstay).

Molah Hill Lookout, approximately half way between Cervantes and Jurien Bay

Header photo credit: Carol Redford